Last update: April 13, 2020


How can I contact you about the app?

Please email us at app@thehappinessplanner.com.

How much is The Happiness Planner app?

The Happiness Planner app is free to download and free to use app. For the first 30  days, you'll have access to all features including premium features. However, after that you'll be limited certain features. In order to continue having full access, you need to upgrade to become a subscribed member. 

  • Premium is available for $4.99/month or $39.99/year. This includes access to our web app. 

You can cancel anytime. There will be no in-app ads and there will be on-going updates. 


Can The Happiness Planner's calendar be synced with Apple or Google calendar?

Yes. You can choose to have your Happiness Planner's calendar synced with one of them. Or you can choose to have your Google calendar synced with your Apple and have your iCal synced with Happiness Planner's calendar. 


How is The Happiness Planner different from other productivity & calendar apps?

The Happiness Planner is not just a typical calendar app, it's a calendar & to-do list app that inspires and motivates you to be the best you could be.  

    Instead of focusing on purely on productivity like other productivity and calendar apps, The Happiness Planner helps you harness your own personal power and build a mind that is strong, positive, and calm. You will receive a daily dose of inspiration from us through our Quote & Article of The Day feature. You will learn to embrace and practice positive thinking, mindfulness, and gratitude, and integrate them into your daily life. You will be able to set goals periodically and track them. You will be encouraged to self-reflect and turn life experiences into wisdom. You will learn to turn the negatives into positives, seeing the light at the end of tunnel and building resilience.


    What will I achieve from using The Happiness Planner?

    While using the Happiness Planner;

    • You will get to understand yourself better and become more self-aware by answering our questions and practicing self-reflection.
    • You will learn to look at the positive side of things and adopt a positive outlook on life. You will become more resilient and can bounce back or move on from disappointments in life more quickly.
    • You will focus on making each day a good day instead of worrying far too much about the future or thinking too much about the irreversible past. Eventually, you will become more mindful and live in the present.
    • You will wake up every day thinking about things that excite and inspire you.
    • You will end each day feeling grateful by thinking about the good things that happened.
    • You will feel happier and more fulfilled from within by striving to improve your inner qualities and your emotional intelligence. 


    What is the principle behind The Happiness Planner?

    We believe that happiness is a state of mind; it lies in the way you look at things - and this can be practiced, influenced and shaped based on these 3 principles; 

    • The way we look at something affects how we feel about that thing. When we change our focus or our attitude about something, our feeling about that thing also changes.
    • Our brain subconsciously picks up things. We are subconsciously shaped and influenced by our environment - whether we realize it or not. 
    • Changing the way we look at things and the way we think is basically a habit change. We can't just adopt a new mindset, change a habit or an attitude overnight. We have to practice it over and over until our mind is trained. 

    We believe that if we increase our self-awareness, cultivate positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and personal growth, we will increase our happiness level and will be okay no matter what happens in life. By practicing these over and over, one day they will become a part of who we are and no matter what happens in life, we will always find joy and peace from within.


      What is The Happiness Roadmap – the exercise in the beginning?

      After signing up to the app, the on-boarding process will guide you to create "Your Happiness Roadmap". This section will walk you through questions that get you to think about yourself and your life. This first section will help you increase self-awareness and make an acknowledgment to yourself to become even more self-aware. By thinking about who you, your values, and your strengths, you can set goals that align with who you truly are; goals that will bring true fulfillment to your life. You will then be encouraged to integrate your answers from this section into your daily life over the next 12 months. 


      Can you please guide me through the writing prompts?

      • Today I'm excited about

      Think about the little things you could be excited about every day – from the friend you're meeting for dinner to the new thing you’ll get to do at work. The goal of this is for you to wake up every day feeling positive, inspired, and excited - which, if you could feel like this at the start of every day, you already set yourself up for a good day.

      If you care about your well-being, I'm sure you exercise regularly and eat healthily. If you're not already doing so and are thinking of changing your diet and lifestyle for the better, you can use this little section here to track your progress daily. 

      • Schedule

      Use this section to add things from classes or meetings to important calls you have to make at a specific time. We separate Schedule from To-Dos because Schedule is more about things you have to attend or do at a specific time, while To-Dos are more about tasks and list of tasks you have to accomplish. 

      • To-Dos

      On top of the ability to add to-do items, you can also star the important ones. You can re-order them, cross out the finished items, and move unfinished items to the following day or next week. This makes it easy to track what you have to do, what you have left to do, and what you’ve completed. Most importantly, you can prioritize 

      • Meals & Exercise

      Meals and exercises are important and we should not ignore that what we put into our body stays in our body. A bad meal can't be removed with exercises. At the same time, exercises are important in keeping our mind and body balanced, building our cardio strengths, helping us focus, and releasing stress. 

      • Daily Reflection: Good Thing About Today

      Sometimes we get caught up in moments of frustration and fill ourselves up with negative energy. Then suddenly we feel like we have a bad day. But if you learn to shift your focus to the good things that happen, even though it looks like a glimpse of joy, it can change your whole perspective and your feeling about the whole day. Suddenly, the day doesn't seem so bad - you realize that there's good in everything. It all depends on what you focus on. And remember, what you focus on expands. 

      • Daily Reflection: What I Hope For Tomorrow

      The power of positive affirmation is phenomenal. Every wish-come-true starts with a thought. And then a thought gets fulfilled through actions and determination. Sometimes you have a good day; sometimes you don't. Thinking about what you hope for tomorrow can put you back into a positive frame of mind, restore faith, and help you see tomorrow as a new opportunity to make it a better day.

      Dream more. Wish more. Do more. And all your wishes shall come true.  

      • Daily Reflection: What I'm Grateful For

      "Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, and confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend." - Melody Beattie

      Sparing a minute or two at the end of the day to think about what you're grateful for can you appreciate life and feel happier as a result. Sometimes we can be overwhelmed with work and feel stressed with the responsibilities we have. Filling every day with gratitude can really help brighten our day.

      • Daily Reflection: Whom I'm Grateful For

      At the end of the day, it’s the relationships we have in our life that make us feel like life is meaningful. Spare a minute each day to think about whom you’re grateful for – whether it be your family, friends, teacher, boss, or even your dog. You can tag the person you’re grateful for from your contact list and send them a text expressing your appreciation for them.. Feeling appreciated is one of the most wonderful and deepest feelings one could ever ask for. So don’t forget to show those you care about how appreciative you are of their love and support.

      • Daily Reflection: Rate Yourself

      At the end of each day, just before you go to bed and turn your phone on silence, rate yourself on your health, happiness, productivity, and energy levels. Throughout the week and month, you’ll be able to see and spot patterns. This could help you get to know yourself better and recognize your energy level. More importantly, we hope that as you keep using our Happiness Planner app, you’ll see an increase in your happiness, health, energy, and productivity levels. In the later versions, you’ll be able to receive reports and compare your scores of this month to the previous ones or even see how your scores change due to seasons and life events.

      • Monthly Reflection: This Month's Happiest Moments

      This is for you to look back and feel that after all, life is good. Regardless of the challenges and obstacles you face in life, there are always good things. The key to being happy is to shift what you focus on - what you focus on expands and affects how you feel. Your life is a collection of the stories you tell yourself about what happens to you, so choose the angle of the story wisely. 

      • Monthly Reflection: This Month's Struggles

      "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James 

      There are always things that annoy, disappoint, or upset you. However, the point of this is to reflect and to learn to look at these negative things from a positive point of view. Sometimes we can't see why things turned out the way they did and only time will give us the reason for why it happened which brings us to the next two points. 

      • Monthly Reflection: How I Overcame The Struggles

      "A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor."

      We only become stronger when we are put to the test and when we have to go through situations where we have to push our limits. If our path through life is paved with rose petals and everything is always handed to us on a silver platter, we will never learn to build mental strength, resilience, patience, understanding, acceptance, and become the person that we desire to be. It is useful to reflect every now and then on what we had to go through, what we have learned, and what we have achieved to feel proud of ourselves and our achievements. Sometimes we get caught up in our own self-doubt and feel like we're not good enough. We need to keep looking back on what we have achieved and what we have become - even if we are just slightly better than what we were yesterday, 5 months ago, or last year. The key of this is to keep having faith in ourselves and to never stop becoming a better person which is the key to feeling fulfilled and happy internally. 

      • Monthly Reflection: What I Learned This Month

      “You cannot tailor-make the situations in life but you can tailor-make the attitudes to fit those situations.” - Zig Ziglar

      When one door closes another door opens. Everything happens for a reason and that one event always leads us to another. Whether that event leads to something better or worse depends on how we look at it, what we learn from what happened, and what we do from that point on.

      Most of the time we see the negative things as they are. However, there is always a positive side to everything. Being happy doesn't mean you're living a flawless life with only good things in it. Being happy means that no matter what life throws at you, you see it with the positive lens and you are able to turn around the negative circumstances into lessons and opportunities. It's all about "your perception". How you feel depends on how you see things. Practicing this over and over, you will soon become a positive person who sends out positive energy and attracts people of the same energy to you.  

      • Monthly Reflection:  What I'd Like to Improve Next Month

      Reflecting on the past month and thinking about what we could do better the following month without dwelling on the past and regrets is the key to successfully improving oneself. Most of the time we let our lives go by without actually pausing for a second to reflect. You could have been too hot-tempered this month. You could have been too lazy and inactive. You could have had a very bad diet. Next month is another month. Welcome it with a smile and see it as an opportunity for you to make it better and become a better person. 


      Any other questions, please email app@thehappinessplanner.com